Treasures you will Treasure




                                                  Welcome to my new company! I'm so glad you are here! I have been selling Cookie Lee Jewelry since 2005. I have had a great time and have meet so many wonderful people that I just don't want to stop selling jewelry! The Cookie Lee Jewelry is wonderful and many of you still love it, place orders and host online fundraisers with it. I'm going to continue all of that. The thing I have moved away from is carrying my own inventory made up of Cookie Lee Jewelry. The Cookie Lee Jewelry I have had for the last few years has all been borrowed from current and past consultants. Well, while this has been working at the same time it has not worked. It is very stressful borrowing jewelry and honestly takes a lot of time to inventory and pick up and then return. So, I have been creating and recreating jewelry along with purchasing new retro looking jewelry and actual retro/vintage pieces of jewelry from Estate sales across the country and from around the world.

I hope to bring you a shopping cart soon. In the meantime, I would love to come to any event you have and share the line with you and your friends. Just like I have been doing since 2005 with Cookie Lee. You can still use Cookie Lee Jewelry to enhance your show numbers by sending your friends and supporters to the Cookie Lee website above. Just have them make a list and process the order directly with me. This is key, if they order from Cookie Lee's website, they will be supporting USC, not you or your organization.

I still accept Visa and Mastercard and I look forward to raising lots of money for your favorite cause or getting you lots of free jewelry. I am still able to offer 25% of the purchase price as a fundraiser, which really adds up quickly. If they purchase a $32 Cookie Lee necklace, your group gets $8. Almost all of The Product Box jewelry retails for $10 and a few pieces cost less, and just because you are paying less, doesn't mean it is worth less. It just means I get the best deals, that I can pass on to you! I'm all about volume selling. I prefer to get three pieces of jewelry for $30, so that is the goal of The Product Box. Occasionally a few pieces have higher price points, if I love it and want to bring it to you and just can't get the price down.  Right now I have over 300 pieces of inventory and only 3 are over $10.


Thank you for your continued support. I have a large selection of clip-on earrings and a huge selection of Patriotic Jewelry. Our Veterans mean the world to me and I love to support them and organizations that benefit them for their service to us all!